Two Sides to Every Story by Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks

Taglialatella Galleries is pleased to announce the exclusive release of Two Sides to Every Story, a limited edition of 10 unique hand-sprayed multiples by Joe Iurato and Logan Hicks. ​Each work on paper is signed and numbered by both artists. 

This exclusive release commemorates their most recent mural collaboration, Two Sides to Every Story, as part of the Bushwick Collective. This marks the sixth year of the creative partnership between the two highly skilled stencil artists designing murals at the same Brooklyn location.
Bursting with energy, each half of the mural radiates the respective artist's uniquely mastered style, while still finding common-ground in both medium and concept. Titled Two Sides to Every Story (2019), the mural features each of the artists’ sons, who have either separately or together been depicted in all six murals. The consistency in subject matter has therefore allowed the public to witness not only each of their family’s grow,  but also how both Hicks and Iurato’s thematic and aesthetic styles have developed along with them.

Reflecting upon the challenge posed by painting on a gate which opens from the middle, the artists imagined a composition where the figures from left gate reaching into the right seemed like they “were traveling from one dimension to another,” says Hicks. “This mural is probably the most equal distribution of our styles to date,” the artist describes, “Joe with his super flat monochromatic figures, and me with my photorealistic, colorful, dithered approach.”

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