TIMEOUT | Rubem Robierb sculptures at Randall's Island

By Shaye Weaver, 

On the other side of the footbridge that connects Manhattan to Randall's Island are two new incredible sculptures by artist Rubem Robierb. The first is a 10-foot fiberglass and stainless steel sculpture called Peace Makers that has been lauded for its representation and call for unity. Two doves—one black and one white—seem to circle each other and while they are separate, they are part of one artwork, which was inspired by the recent protests against racial injustice.

"Just like those doves, we have to embrace our differences to fly together" he said at the unveiling on Tuesday. "Today more than ever we need symbols of peace and unity. Art has the power to awaken the good in people."

Don Lemon said the sculpture is very much needed right now: "Where black and white meet. Where unity bridges division. Where angels greet mere mortals. It's what we need in this moment. And that's exactly what Rubem has so brilliantly captured. Bravo" he said.

The other piece by Robierb, Dream Machine II, which is a pair of 13-foot, brilliant blue butterfly wings, is a tribute to the human spirit and symbolizes strength and resilience in the face of immense challenges, according to NYC Parks' Art in the Park.
Robierb's Dream Machine sculpture called Dandara was displayed in Tribeca Park in 2019 in memory of Dandara, a transgender woman who was brutally attacked and murdered in Brazil in 2017.

The artist is known for combating deep-rooted social issues like LGBTQ rights, women’s empowerment, immigration, equality, gun control, worldwide protests, climate change, racism and bullying through his work, including with Peace Makers, Healing Heart, EmpowerFlower and others.

On Tuesday, Robierb made a charitable donation to the organization, Power My Learning, a national education non-profit that strengthens the triangle of learning relationships between students, teachers and families.

His new works at Randall's Island will be displayed at Times Square's digital billboard for the next five days for those who cannot get to the island. For those who can, they'll be up through May 2022 by the 103rd Street footbridge.