Taglialatella Galleries: Art for Relief | Joe Iurato

Taglialatella Galleries is excited to announce the Art for Relief campaign, featuring internationally renowned artists seeking to share positive imagery and make a charitable effort to assist those in need at this difficult time through art. In launching Art for Relief, Taglialatella Galleries has first teamed up with multidisciplinary artist Joe Iurato, whose works are built on the foundation of stencils and aerosol.

Taglialatella X Joe Iurato will be offering three unique artworks from 2019 as well as a limited quantity of prints from Iurato’s personal archive of a previously sold out edition that was created in celebration of Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday in 2012, based on a famous photograph by Michael Brennan. As with all artists who will participate in the Art for Relief, 10% of all sales will be donated directly to the artist’s charity of choice. Joe Iurato has also pledged an additional donation from any sale and has chosen his contribution to be sent to the Boys and Girls Club of America in order to assist with their efforts of providing groceries and other essential goods to local communities they serve, both in Joe Iurato’s area of New Jersey and other communities around the United States.

Please see below for the selection of works. If you would like to donate aside from a purchase of artwork, you can also visit the Boys and Girls Club of America website to contribute directly. Email info@djtfa.com for further details and stay tuned for the next Art for Relief campaign by Taglialatella Galleries.