Great Women Collectors

Dominic Taglialatella's next installment of his Art Lecture series, entitled "Great Women Collectors" took place last night (Wednesday, March 25th) at the famous Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. The event was so highly-anticipated that the ballroom was standing-room-only! Dom took his audience back in time, to the late nineteenth century, and brought to life the women responsible for creating much of our American cultural heritage. By the end of the journey, Dom brought his listeners full-cirlce, back to the exquisite and enchanting backdrop of Mar-a-Lago, to remind us of the Collectors of our past and present. 

The next lecture, entiteld "Abstract Expressionsim: Artists that Forged a New Era in American Art", will take place on April 15th! Please make reservations now, as space is already filling up. Be sure to catch Dom's last lecture of the year-- call the Palm Beach gallery (1-561-833-4700) to save your spot!