Dominic Taglialatella's 4th Annual Lecture Series

Taglialatella Galleries is pleased to announce the schedule for the 4th annual Taglialatella Lecture Series at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. Space is very limited for this well received series, so please make reservations with David Ginn at (561) 833-4700 as soon as possible.

Mar-a-Lago welcomes lecture guests to stay and enjoy their famous Seafood Buffet. Dinner reservations and appropriate dress are a must. Please call the Mar-a-Lago reservation desk at (561) 822-5072 for details. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy Mar-a-Lago. Club attire, strictly no jeans and jackets are required for gentleman.


          Lecture I – February 10, 2016

          Rembrandt, Vermeer, and the Golden Age of Dutch Painting

          Please join Dominic Taglialatella for a lively presentation on the age of Rembrandt and
          Vermeer, a time when the young Dutch Republic took by the world by storm in commerce,
          culture and science.

          Lecture II – March 23, 2016

          Picasso, Just the Facts

          In his inimitable style, Dominic Taglialatella presents a straight forward overview of the life
          and significance of the most important artist of the first half of the 20th century. This
          chronological examination simply explains each stage of Picasso’s life and artistic

          Lecture III – April 20, 2016

          Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam: CoBrA, the Most Important European Art Movement
          of the Post-War Years

          Dominic Taglialatella presents a very personal history of his first-hand travels and
          experiences representing the major figures of the most important European Art Movement
          of the post war years, the CoBra Movement.

This year we are asking our guests to make a minimum suggested tax deductible donation of $25 to the KMT Foundation. Dominic created this foundation to honor his Mother, who lived to be 100 years old. The Foundation helps support children of single parents. To learn more about the Foundation or make a donation, please visit

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