Banksy's "Better Out than In" New York Artist Residency

     Banksy has caused quite a stir here in NYC, where he has just finished a month-long self-imposed artist residency. Each morning during the month of October, New Yorkers woke to discover a new piece of art adorning some corner of the city, and on October 18th, it was ours! Collaborating with the Brazilian Os Gemeos twins, Banksy held an open air gallery of sorts, underneath the High Line in Chelsea. Two pieces were placed side by side, in front of a bench, and protected by guards, who enforced the "Gallery Rules."

     Right around the corner from Taglialatella's Chelsea gallery, this installation was a play on the strict nature of a gallery in an open, outdoor space, under the High Line at West 24th Street. For an annotated look at those artworks, look here:, and for more information about the "Exhibit", try here: 
     Or, come on by 231 10th Avenue, and we'll tell you all about it!