Art for Relief | Logan Hicks

Taglialatella Galleries is excited to announce the seventh installment of the Art for Relief campaign, featuring internationally renowned artists seeking to share positive imagery and make a charitable effort to assist those in need at this difficult time through art sales. This installment’s featured artist is New York City-based Logan Hicks.
Taglialatella X Logan Hicks is featuring a new hand sprayed multiple Woolworth on Broadway inspired by The Woolworth Building in downtown Manhattan, quietly captured during quarantine through the lens of Hicks’ camera and brought to life by his vibrant color palette. Along with this new release, Hicks is offering two classic images while also releasing a photograph in collaboration with fellow artist and friend, Joe Iurato. Entitled “Sick of it All – Davey’s”, featuring “Sick of it All” sculpture by Iurato, a little boy crying over his fallen ice cream cone photographed in front of Davey’s Ice Cream in the East Village. Each work is limited in quantity and is signed by the artist(s). As with all artists who will participate in the Art for Relief, 10% of all sales will be donated directly to the artist’s charity of choice. In an effort to give back to New York, Hicks will direct the contribution of sales from this initiative to the Bowery Mission. Founded in 1879, the Bowery Mission serves as an emergency shelter for homeless men.
Please see below for artwork details and some words from the artist.  Shipping date TBD. Sales are subject to additional shipping fees and state taxes. If you would like to donate aside from a purchase of artwork, you can also visit the Bowery Mission to contribute directly. Email for further details  and stay tuned for the next Art for Relief campaign by Taglialatella Galleries.