Warhol, Axell: A Double Take on the Sixties

September 19 – 30, 2013

Press Release

Press Release

August 21, 2013

Taglialatella Galleries and Cornette de Saint Cyr, Bussels, Belgium announces first collaborative exhibition program, Warhol, Axell: a Double Take on the Sixties

New York, NY: Taglialatella Galleries of New York, Palm Beach and Paris is pleased to announce a co-operative exhibition agreement with Cornette de Saint Cyr of Brussels, Belgium. The agreement plans an annual series of three collaborative for sale exhibitions at the famed auction house’s new Belgium location. The collaborative exhibitions will explore various aspects of the Pop Art movement which is the specialty of Taglialatella Galleries. The venture, directed by Sabine Mund, Head of Belgian and Modern Art Department and Paul Sauvage and Nadège Buffe, directing partners of Taglialatella Galleries Paris, launches with a reception on the evening of Thursday, September 19, 2013 for the premiere exhibition, Warhol, Axell: a Double Take on the Sixties.

This premiere exhibition explores the international Pop Art revolution of the 1960s, presenting an extensive overview of the careers of both the leading figure in the American Pop Art movement Andy Warhol and famed Belgium Pop Artist, Evelyne Axell. 


The exhibition features fifty original artworks by Andy Warhol including paintings, drawings, collage, unique works on paper, trial proofs and edition prints and a curated selection of paintings from the estate of Evelyne Axell. Andy Warhol (1928-1989) and Evelyne Axell (1935-1972) should have met during the shooting of a documentary on the Pope of Pop Art. A documentary planned by Axell’s husband, filmmaker Jean Antoine never came to fruition and the meeting never took place. Fifty years later, works by both artists are to be exhibited together, highlighting the many affinities of their respective projects and the revolutionary spirit of Pop Art.

Warhol, Axell: a Double Take on the Sixties opens with a private cocktail reception on the evening of Thursday, September 19, 2013. The exhibition is open to the public from Friday, September 20, 2013 through Monday, September 30, 2013. For further information on the show and future collaborative exhibitions of Cornette Saint Cyr, Brussels and Taglialatella Galleries of New York, Palm Beach and Paris please contact Stacie Cheung at (212) 367-0881 or in Europe, Nadège Buffe at +33 6 82 12 24 80 and Sabine Mund at +32 (0) 496 548 846.