Roman attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, and is one of the most celebrated contemporary artists in Montenegro today. Over the last two decades, he has received a number of awards, and participated in solo and group exhibitions across Europe— in Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, and Germany. Most recently, in 2011, Roman exhibited at the Modern Art Museum, CERMODERN in Ankara, Turkey, and in 2012, at the Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver, Canada.

Roman produces monumental, colorful paintings that portray the ‘scenic’ events of ordinary life, and use figurative archetypes to explore social convention. His purposeful compositions and subtle contours speak to his exceeding talent as a painter; and his work elevates the every day to visual symbols of contemporary life. Striving to capture ‘reality observed,’ his figural motifs often speak to identity, authenticity, and relationships, particularly in the face of trendy and appearance-driven advertising. As in the Pop Art tradition, Roman draws from design, comics, and film influences, as well as from his own cultural experience, in order to imbue his subject matter with relevant and poignant symbolism.