The state of constantly connecting, eyes forever glued to a glowing screen, endless sharing and updating on a minute-to-minute basis; these are the realities of living in our society. In today's world, where information travels fast, people are forced to live a life online.  LaPenta's artistic expression expands several media, primarily painting and scultpure, and through his work, LaPenta explores the realtionship people have with technology and the effect it has on us and on society. But his work goes beyond that.

     Matthew LaPenta calls it a reality check, dedicated to both the mastermind behind social-networking giants and it's consumors, us. At the end of the day, LaPenta's mindset is, nothing else matters because we will all continue to use it. LaPenta is trying to prove that we should be aware of not only the reach, but the power technology and the internet has. If we are aware, than we should talk about it.

     Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, he studied art throughout his adolescence. Matthew was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio where he studied art all throughout his adolescence. He attended grad school in Chicago and works as a commercial art director. He moved to Venice, CA in 2012 where he now lives and works on his art.